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For me the figure is the ultimate artistic tool of expression. The
figure is a familiar reference, with a built in dictionary—gestures
and expressions equal certain meanings. The figure can evoke a
variety of ideas simply from being “created”—even if the artist’s
intention was to create only one.

A piece that uses the figure is partially dependent on the viewer’s
emotional, cultural, or historical reference points for impact. The
meaning of a piece will always shift or even change completely
from person to person. This uncertainty of how a painting is going
to be perceived is one of the most intriguing aspects of figurative
art.  This idea is why I choose to paint the figure. However, the
“how” I paint the figure also important. This includes the choice of
skin coloration, a paint application that embraces the energy and
expression of visible brush strokes, and the figures “larger-than-
life” composition on the canvas.

Each work of my art gives the viewer an opportunity to examine
my journey into the unique beauty of women.  The active color,
brush strokes, and expressions in the paintings are designed to
move you as if you are the divine feminine being depicted.
My work is not about glorifying the physical properties of the
figure, but in fact how those physical properties are simply tools
to define, reflect, and illustrate the true beauty that lives beyond,
beneath, and unanchored by the physical characteristics of the
My work is feminine and strong; illustrating and reflecting what is
truly beautiful about the female.
The Dream
The Statement
Holding space